Jump-Start Program

Fast start timer

Our Jump-Start program provides a custom consulting, training, and mentoring package that gets your development team up and running on a Java web service project in record time. The Jump-Start experience begins with email and telephone or videoconference discussions of your project specifics to help you chose an approach and technologies to be used, followed by on-site training of your development team and mentoring through the initial stages of development. The on-site training and mentoring can then be supplemented with consulting help with any issues your team encounters as they continue development and deploy the project.

Choosing an approach

The first phase of Jump-Start is to help you make decisions about the specific development approach and technologies to be used for your project. As part of this, we look at the details of your web service requirements and discuss with you the best way to handle these requirements.

If you're starting from existing code you want to expose as a web service we'll review the structure of the service methods and data structures in use, and help you choose between working directly with the existing code and data structures, modifying the existing code for a better web service interface, or just using the existing code as a starting point for service definitions which are then implemented in new code. This choice can also help determine the web services stack you want to use for your implementation. Whichever approach you choose, we'll make sure you end up with clean WSDL and XML schema definitions for your service.

If you're starting from a supplied WSDL service definition with no existing code we'll help you determine which web services stack and XML processing technology best fits your project and future plans. With several popular open source web services stacks and a similar number of commercial stacks to chose from, you need to look at issues such as your deployment environment, licensing requirements, need for WS-* extension technologies, XML schema usage, and performance requirements to make an informed decision.

Learning the technology

The second phase of Jump-Start is on-site training for your development team, using the chosen web services stack (or comparing multiple stacks, if you prefer). The training encompasses a solid grounding in web services basics such as understanding XML schema and WSDL service definitions, but also applies everything to your web service project by using the actual service definition and data model as part of the training. Your team will come out of the training with working code they can use directly as part of the project.

See the Hands-on Web Services training page for a sample class outline which can be customized to your project requirements and chosen technologies.

Building your project

The third phase of Jump-Start takes you the rest of the way to a full implementation of your project. Starting from the prototype code developed in the training, we mentor your developers as they fill in the missing details, hooking the prototype in to your actual application code. Depending on the complexity of the project, this may just take some minor email and telephone remote consulting support following the training or may involve one or more days of on-site mentoring with your team.

The fast track to web services

Our Jump-Start program gives you a working implementation of your web service project in record time, with your team fully trained on using and extending the code. If you're new to web services, this is the absolute fastest – and most cost-effective – way to get your project going.

Of course, our support doesn't have to end with the initial project development. We can be your partner in dealing with any problems found after deployment of the project, and in helping you restructure the project in response to changing requirements. As a full-service specialist in Java web services, we're able to supply you with a helping hand anytime you need one.